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About June Apple Kitchen

Ever experienced that "kitchen table moment"?  No matter how brilliant your buffet or luxurious your living room, guests happily cram themselves around your kitchen table, drawn to the liveliness and vitality of the kitchen. June Apple Kitchen creates that magic and warmth for your guests with our unique personal culinary services.  From in-home catering and food pairing parties, to private cooking classes and at-home date nights, June Apple Kitchen serves up food-forward menus that blend influences from cuisines and cultures around the world into food that is approachable, adventurous, and meant for sharing.

Photo by Annie Olson-Reiners

Photo by Annie Olson-Reiners

Megan's Story

She's no gourmet, she's just a regular Jill, who loves food and cooking.

Megan Reynolds never attended culinary school. She didn't intern at Jean-Georges in NYC, she didn't even work her way up from busgirl to line cook at Applebee's. The self-declared "Kitchen Girl" at June Apple Kitchen is not a gourmand. She's just an ambitious Jill-of-all-trades, with a thirst for knowledge, a knack for pastry, and a great dedication to food and cooking. She's a midwesterner whose love of food began in her mother's kitchen: potica at Christmas, Grandma Margaret's carrot cake for her momma's birthday, and many taco nights, spaghetti feeds, and salmon loaves between them. Megan's creativity and curiosity drove her to explore beyond her hometown, and her wide-ranging experiences shaped her palate and her worldview. After attending Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, she traveled to West Africa, New Zealand, Scotland, and Ireland. As a young adult, she lived in Washington D.C., Boston, MA, and Northern California, working in the non-profit sector while pursuing creative interests of theater, music, and food on the side. 

After a brief stint in clown school (yes!), Megan moved to Charlottesville, Virginia and there her culinary skills and perspective developed, surrounded by farmers markets, local growers, home-brewers, small-batch coffee roasters, cheese-makers, and other artisans. She pored over food science texts to understand the chemistry of cooking, tested recipes and developed her own, and experimented with technique. With her background in theater and entertainment, she was a master at creating delight and fun for all the guests at her kitchen table. 

After marrying in 2011, Megan moved to Richmond, Virginia and worked  for Horse and Buggy Produce, writing recipes focused on creating peak flavors from local foods. She opened June Apple Kitchen in 2012 as a personal chef and in-home catering service, but life had other plans with her first daughter on the way in November. Fast forward 5 years, and Megan relocated with her family to Hibbing, and is delighted to bring June Apple Kitchen to Northeastern Minnesota. Her wide-ranging experiences, from the kitchen to the stage, make her an engaging cook and a lively host. Megan knows how to create those "kitchen table moments", because she's just like you. She's experienced them before. She knows that the best conversations happen in your kitchen.




"Megan has an ability to blend and mingle flavors and textures throughout the appetizer, entree and dessert courses that had guests lingering just to see what might be served next. "

/  Jana R., Satisfied Client/