Ideas for Tastings, Classes, Pop-Ups

 Food-Focused Social events

Let us create an engaging social event in your home, centered on an intriguing cuisine, surprising food pairing, or a private cooking class. These custom-designed social events are centered on the pleasures of cooking and eating. Read about details and pricing for in-home events and tastings , or get in touch to schedule a party. Meanwhile, here are a few sample ideas to get you started: 


Indian Tapas

This experiential cooking class focuses on fun finger foods inspired by Indian street foods and cuisine. Gather your friends for an evening of rolling fluffy potato samosas, frying pakora, home-made naans and easy chutneys to accompany. Learn how to pair beer or wine with richly-spiced food to accentuate the flavors at play in your food, and enjoy an evening with one of the richest culinary traditions on the planet.

Mediterranean Tour: Food From Spain, Greece, Lebanon and Beyond

Go beyond Italian pasta and Greek gyros in a meal designed around the common threads of Mediterranean cooking. We'll experience flavors woven through many countries in the region, and learn about other influences in food from less well-known cuisines. Experience smoked paprika from Spain, ground sumac from Lebanon, harissa from North Africa and other unique flavors and combinations. Join us for a night in the Mediterranean! 



Beer tasting for Chicks: Ladies' Night In

Are you wondering what the micro-fuss is all about with the surge of craft beer brewing in Minnesota? What is the difference between a lager, an ale, an IPA or an IBU? Bring your girls over, we'll answer every question you can throw at us about the art of beer-making.  Learn some of the terminology around beers and brewing, prepare and pair seasonal tapas with a variety of craft beers from Minnesota and beyond, and talk about how to learn what YOU like in a beer and a food pairing. Leave armed with the knowledge to belly up to the bar, and like the Brew-mistress you are, confidently order something that you know you'll enjoy.